Monday, February 13, 2006

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday...

Tomorrow, 500-700 farmers will descend up on the city of Guelph to demonstrate against what they feel is a lack of support from the Government of Ontario in their income crisis. I won't go into the nitty gritty, but farmers are in trouble and no longer making money off of farming. Not all, but many. They will be protesting in front of the very building at which I work. I'll be getting there early so that the call centre is up and running before 8:00, which is when most of the farmers will arrive.

This whole protest is expected to be farily orderly, and there are some excellent contrasts to be found here. While other parts of the world burn under the weight of Islamic protests over cartoons, Canada continues to set the gold standard for proper protesting. Not only have the protesters agreed not to obstruct us from entering work, but have told us their numbers in advance, and worked with building officials to arrange for porta-potties to be outside the building.

Ground rules set, facilities erected, and promise of order and calm. What a great country.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Am I The Only One Who Sees Something Wrong?

Some people find American politics boring. I find it scary as hell. What bothers me most are the conservative columnists who have a terrible sense of priorities. To contrast, I refer you to two entries from CNN's latest pet right wing-nut to replace Robert Novak:

The basic theme of this entry? Peace activists are a danger to American society. Just because Franklin Roosevelt got the support of Republicans during WWII, George W. Bush deserves the blind confidence of both Democrats and the nation at large. Peace protesters are uninformed, and Cindy Sheehan is insane (and not a grieving mother with a message).

The next travesty:

This one is even easier: Ted Kennedy, like most Democrats, is incompetent, overweight, self-indulgent, and inarticulate. No, seriously, that's the entire one page article. What a waste of time. But you better believe that many Americans read this and chortle to themselves about what is apparently the weak minded liberalism that threatens the solid leadership base that Republicans have supposedly worked so hard to instill.

Now, for contrast, let's take a look a more liberal leaning columnist. Notice the abundance of 'facts' in comparison to the previous two articles:

Note the ridiculous amount of statistics and evidence of real consequences for the Bush administration's actions both at home and abroad. Spying on citizens, buried and damning reports, billions wasted in Iraq, increased insurgent activity, etc.

What is frightening is the atmosphere of the non-dialogue that is taking place between both sides of the congressional floor, and even the media in the states. If the Democrats go after Bush over real and present dangers to the American way of life, the Republicans close ranks and try to change subject. Why bother dealing with corruption and denial of civil liberties when you can make fun of Teddy Kennedy and Cindy Sheehan? I just wish for the good old days when the Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for getting little Bill polished, while in the present day, Bush can wage a $trillion$ war over oil, I mean, I mean, democracy in the Middle East, Im mean, WMD, with little chance of accountability or concern.

Wake up folks.