Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Letter To The Liberals, NDP, and Bloq Quebecois

Bravo. You have all proved that 63% of the country prefers you over the Conservatives. Big surprise. Here is the problem. All of you spent a lot of time in the election talking about the dangers of a Harper majority and even a Harper minority. I certainly agreed. So after all of the puffing about, are you all going to sit back and let this recycled minority pick up where the last one left off? Or, will you vote down the throne speech, form a coalition, and create an alternative to the Harper government?

I know, such a blasphemous thought... but do you really think that calling for each other to play nice is going to prevail upon Harper? His version of cooperation involves you doing what he says...

So for once, do what WE the voters say... form a government that recognizes the voices of 63% of the country instead of 37%... to hell with the separatist rhetoric and posturing... the three of you told us that a Harper government was unacceptable, so you better act like it. Put up or shut up.

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