Monday, October 25, 2004

I'd Give Anything To Be A Fly Upon Your Wall...

Yes, so the week started off pretty average, following a rather pleasant weekend. Dinner at my wifes' family's place was nice as always (and as per my step-mother in law, delicious), but Saturday was exceptionally pleasant, as we got to go on an adventure to Sudbury.

In general, I find any excursion beyond the borders of home to be a welcome change from the regular, (not that the 'regular' is bad, I just happen to like constant change) but the Sudbury trip was extra goodness because it involved Science North, Harry Potter on Imax, and the lark in fairly equal quantities. I also got to examine her new boy more closely, and was quite pleased to see that he shares my morbid and pop-culture (saavy?) style of wit. Now, by "saavy", I mostly mean dollups of Simpsons, Family Guy, and Science Fiction reference-based humour. Yes, I know this is all terribly subjective of me to denote such humour in such a praising fashion, but hey, we can all get along, right? Apart from a decent sense of humour, he also appears to be a good egg, which is fantacular.

K. (my wife) and I also managed to get our household clutter reasonably under control, and process four loads of laundry. Don't even ask me how it is possible for two people to go through that much clothing in under a week. It's a gift. I would have to wonder what would happen if I decided to get a second job... Second job, you say? Why? Well, we're getting by, but it's always nice to have more money, and such... and I'm feeling a kind of restlessness that has not been around for the last three years. I'm thinking of getting a 'y' membership, and that might help, but who knows... could it be that I miss the nearly 60 hours a week I was spending at my former job? Kind of. Except for the fact that I worked 60 and was paid for 40. That was sucktacular.

Nothing terribly deep this evening, folks... I have to save my brain cells for CSI Miami. Which is on very shortly. Night'

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