Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A little relief in site...

Listen to some Bruce Hornsby. You'll like him, honest. He's got the instrumentals and the lyrics going on, making 1986 just that much better of a year. Don't take the 401 to Guelph from Toronto on a Friday at 5:00pm. It would be faster if you paddled. Get out and vote in the USA election, even if you don't normally vote, have never cared, and happen to 100% Canadian, just like myself. John Kerry needs all of the help that he can get.

Which leads me to the topic of my first ever "blog". I've published personal ramblings to the web before, in the form of www.diarlyand.com, but the fact that its server was usually too busy to post and also didn't allow for people to post comments made me lose interest pretty fast. That and I'm a lazy excuse for a human being in these matters. My interest was rekindled by reading http://academianuts.blogspot.com, which is crafted by my friend the fineskylark, whom I shall henceforth dub "lark" to help save precious bandwith. Oh. Yes. And I'm lazy. I found myself replying to her posts (especially the ones that attempted to viciously defame me) and I started to think that I may as well pollute my own damn blog-space and leave her in relative peace.

But I digress. Back to the topic. As I sit back and reflect on the electoral mess that has descended upon our southern bretheren, I have to wonder just how much the American people buy the whole idea of extreme and eminent pre-emption that is advocated by George Bush. I mean, bombing a relatively benign country back to the stone-age is fun, but where is the love? (The Black Eyed Peas have my full permission to kick my ass for that reference) I was further prompted into this line of thinking when the lark and I went dancing in the metropolis known as Guelph. Not only did she suggest this, but she also prodded me to request "anything by David Bowie" to a D.J. who at the time only seemed able to play hip-hop and reggae. Sure enough, the D.J. (who had a funny name that the lark is hereby asked to post to this blog, because I'll be damned if I could remember it) managed to dig up "Modern Love", which is both vintage Bowie, and an absolute treat to dance to. Especially if you and the lark are the only ones dancing to it. I say this only because I actually happen to derive a certain modicum of enjoyment from "putting myself out there", and really couldn't care less about what people think of my inability to dance.

Which is a good thing, because some guy easily a foot taller than me decided that our choice of music and random dance movements needed to be mocked. On cue, he put on a performance that rivaled an epileptic seizure, often coming within a few inches of slamming into us (and by us, I mean mostly me) on the dance floor. I was only moderately irked by this, but started thinking, "What happens if he smashes into myself or the lark? Do I have a right to be irked then?" One thought led to another, until I finally caught myself musing about the notion of tripping him before he could do any damage. I mean, what's good for the 300 million person strong goose is clearly good enough for this gander. If entire nations can attack others based on the idea that the other nation 'might' attack them, could not individuals do it to each other? I'm still pondering the notion of sauntering into a bar in the states, and picking a fight with the first person who looks at me funny, and then using "pre-emption" as my defense to what will likely be a highly incredulous judge.

The lark thinks I should go for it, but I suspect that in doing so, I'll just rack up the very same criminal record that she'll want to use against me when she runs against me (and loses) for the title of Prime Minister of Canada.

CSI Miami is on. I'll talk about that some other time.



Brioski said...

Well, since I spent 5 precious minutes of my life signing up to this site just to comment, I might as well be the first to say a word or two about my brothers first Blogging.

So here goes... potato

Brioski said...
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