Monday, March 28, 2005

When I'm With You, I Don't Care, Where It Is I'm Falling

Paul Hester, former drummer for Crowded House and Split Enz, was found dead last night of an apparent suicide. Sad day.

This event is not ulnike the Schiavo case that rages on in the US of A right now. A big difference is that this poor man had the means to take his life, and this equally poor woman did not. Her husband decided to enforce what he claimed to be certain was her choice. I think that the labels of "die with dignity", "erring on the side of life", and "moral authority" need to take a break. I'll keep this brief. There are two things at play here: The rule of law, and common sense:

The legal end: Thirty court rulings facilitated by learned and just men and women have decided that these were her wishes. It's pretty hard to question justice and process when you have that kind of a number. I hope that when I'm in her situation, that my wife pulls the plug. I'm not knocking those who wish to stay alive by a machine, but I know what my choice is.

The common sense end: Should you ever have difficulty understanding where I'm coming from, have a loved one lash you to your bed so that you can do nothing but stare at the same wall for just a weekend. Put a muzzle on your face so that you can't talk. At the end of the weekend, imagine that life for the next 15 years. No way to communicate, or doing anything for yourself. Her family is claiming that her brain wasn't liquified, and that she is perfectly conscious underneath that blank stare. Considering what I just wrote, I hope that you agree with me when I say that for her sake, I hope that such a thing is not true.

Paul and Terry, rest in peace.

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