Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Helter Skelter...

I'll be so glad when I get regular internet access back in my life. Anyhoo...

I would be remiss to point out the recent tom-^#$%^#$%- ery going on in Parliament.

I'm not a card carrying Liberal, but I feel for Martin. Here's a brief expo on why.

It just kills me as well that people can't wait to form their own judgements until after the inquiry is finished. Why get mad about something you don't know? Let the judge with fifty decades of experience figure things out and then roast everybody who was involved. This is of course complicated by the inane ramblings of our beloved opposition.

I just think that Harper is chagrinedbecause Martin called the inquiry before he had a chance to force Martin to do so. He's still muddling about the house asking questions that are designed to inflame the public, which they do. Then, as everything reaches a fever pitch, Harper, Layton, Duceppe, and anyone else looking to wallow in histrionics stands up in the house, and demands that the Prime Minister "do something"! Then, Martin stands up, rhymes out all of the things that he did (firing crown corporation presidents that were involved, sacking Alfonso Mafiano, and calling the inquiry), and the opposition stares blankly into space, and simply repeats their demands that something be done. They just don't know what else to do. They spent so many years delighting in the obsinate stone-walling of Jean "da boss" Cretien, that they still can't figure out what to make of a government tyhat actually tries to the right thing most of the time.

The only thing that can be done any further is to dissolve the government, but Harper is nervous about it, and rightly so. I think that he's just wanting to drag on question period for as long as possible, and make the Liberals unpopular enough from the rhetoric so that he can get a majority government, which is exactly what is not going to happen if the election is called at the moment. They should either shit or get off the pot. In other words, pass the no-confidence motion, get the election over with, OR, let's just imagine this for a moment, wait for the Gomery report.

The fact that Harper and friends want to have an election at this point, and spend another $245 million dollars, only to get a minority government that will fall six months afterwards, really burns my cheese. I've been trying to find something seriously wrong with the current government while ignoring the Cretienites, and I just can't. That's the problem with politics, though... Harper and friends are bound to disagree with everything that Martin's government does simply for the fact that they are not the ones in power. Untill we get over that hump, we're going to be perpetually hosed.

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