Sunday, July 10, 2005

What It's Really All About

I haven't wrote anything for a long time, but this particular event deserves a few moments.

MP Chuck Cadman just died of skin cancer.

A few months ago, this independant MP cast a deciding vote that kept Martin's Liberals in power. But he didn't vote for the budget to keep the Liberals in, he did it because it was what his constituents wanted. More specifically, they didn't want an early election. Imagine that. A politician who voted according to the needs of the people who voted in. Check out his web-page, and look at a history of the work that he has done. It's a reminder about how representative democracy is supposed to work.

His vote in the confidence motion got my attention. Looking at what he's done for the people of this country has earned my respect, and my thanks. He has conducted himself with class, respect for his colleagues, and dignity. Read his story, the reasons he entered public service, and how we can all learn something from him.

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