Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm Going to Be a Dad!

Oh yes, you read it right. I'm on a one way street to parenthood. We found out almost a month ago but wanted to wait a while to be certain. This is easily the most exciting thing ever. My whole life is about to change, and it's all good. The timing is quite nice as well. I'm 27, and wanted to start having kids before 30. It just makes sense. I want to be young enough to get the most out of the experience, and also retire on schedule. What can I say, I'm all about the practicality. We're also both done school, and I know far too many people who have had to stop school and go back in the middle of the whole process. We're now pretty set as far as edumacation goes, which will come in handy. Now comes the logistics of telling friends... shouldn't be too hard. If there is one thing that travels fast than the speed of light, it is gossip... especially pregnancy gossip. Oh, by the way, cats don't like cars. Well, at least one of mine don't. She freaked out in the car and meowed all the way to Hamilton tonight. Of course, they were also locked up in cat carriers... I suppose that I would be pissed if someone crammed me into one of those as well. I'm in Hamilton right now, crashing at my brother's until I go to a conference tomorrow. Since I'm going to North Bay for a wedding immediately afterwards, I'm foisting my cats upon him and his wife so that they are not left to their own devices. What can cats do when left alone for too long, you ask? Get stuck behind my bookshelf and meow themselves hoarse, for one thing. Oh, and destroy photo albums. Now, as for this two day conference that I'm going to: It is all about call centre operations and performance measurement. It will be interesting considering that mine is one of the smallest ones known to man: About seven people. I used to work in a 500 seat behemoth, and find the operational matters just a teensy bit different. I think that I'll change the pace that I normally set at these things and do more listening and passive networking. Am I suffering from a call centre inferiority complex? You betcha. Wow. I've become incredibly boring. Mind you, it is not that much of a far cry from the 'average boring' designation that I had. I have, as of late, become even more work focused than I have before. Is it part of some strange growing up business? Pish posh. I know many people older than I who have a much more carefree perspective on life than I... Is it the fact that I'm and expectant parent? Hardly. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I truly believe that age is not the driving factor in ones outlook and maturity. I think that it is a potent mixture of personality and experience. I get very angry when people try to lump behaviours into an age column, especially once a person gets past the mid 20s. It's not that I believe that I won't change in the coming years, but I think that it is foolish to assert that a person who is 35 or 40 is automatically more mature or wise. It is with that notion that I end this ramble. I guess that all I am trying to say is that I feel almost too ready for this new step in my life. I'm waiting for some late 20s paranoia to kick in, or this strange inner child to step up and tell me that I didn't seed enough wild oats yet, but it's just not happening. Well then... let the games begin.

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