Monday, January 23, 2006

Feels Like You're Waiting For The Sky To Fall

It's election night in the Great White Nord, and I feel nothing but an impending sense of dread: Three reasons:

1) The Conservatives will likely win a minority government.
2) I predicted that the Liberals would win a minority government. (that's okay, so did Air Farce)
3) The Conservatives could possibly win a majority government.

For interest's sake, let's take a moment and read Canada through the lens of our closest neighbour.

It's not as if they are factually incorrect. There is just something about the token article from CNN gracing the web that makes me laugh. How much often do they pay attention to anything else that goes on in Canada? Funny.

I am still wondering if we are going to experience an odd numbers phenom and see the first Liberal-NDP coalition in years. With the spectre of the Blockheadbecois clouding that radar, it makes it very unlikely.

Ah well. I could wax philosophic on this subject for hours, but I think I will wait for the victory speach of whomever wins this farce. Then you might see some real predictions of the year to come.


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